Taking a Walk On The Dark Side

I’ve been having busy times lately, with a lot of contest submissions I’ve been working on. One such contest I just finished creating a submission for was a t-shirt design contest for WeLoveFine. The theme? Star Wars & the Dark Side. Instantly I thought of mixing Russian Constructivist poster design with Darth Vader and his troopers. I almost didn’t finish my submission because I kept encountering a lot of spinning color wheels of doom ( there was a lot to process). It was stressful times.

Aside from my close call, I did get to submit my design, so below is my creation!I’ll be notified if my design is accepted for voting, and then the voting process for the shirts begins March 26th until April 16th. I’ll post a link to my design if you’d like to vote for it!

Here’s what I made:

Russian Constructivist Design & Star Wars: some of my favorite things.

Russian Constructivist Design & Star Wars: some of my favorite things.

Here’s the shirt sample I submitted as well:

Rosales Dark Side Design Banner Rosales-Join the Dark Side Design

So there’s that!  As always, I’m looking forward to sharing my next artistic adventure here, and I will update on voting for this design. 😀

Speaking of t-shirt design contests, there is still time to vote for my Gravity Falls T-shirt design I submitted a while ago. Here’s what my design was:

Forward Aoshima!

Voting for WeLoveFine’s Gravity Falls T-shirt design contest ends March 19th, so please vote if you haven’t done so already! It certainly means a great deal to me and I want to thank you for your support and time. Here’s the link to vote for my design.

Thanks, and may the force be with you.


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