Hula Cat!

Today I’ve got a cute illustration of a cat dancing the hula. I’ve been experimenting with brushes and using colors for shapes instead of relying on lines. It’s tricky, but I know I’ll get there!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.10.52 AM


New Animal Drawings

Here’s a collection of drawings I did at the zoo recently. It was a while since I had been doing animal drawing of any sort before this set, so I’m hoping that with more practice I’ll get out of my rusty phase. I wish I had a scanner to use this time, but I’m glad that at least all the drawings are pretty complete. I’m definitely looking forward to my next animal drawing outing!


Alligator Elephant 2 Elephant 5 Elephants 1 Elephants 5 Elephants 6 Flamingoes 1 Flamingoes 2 Kangaroo Markhor Orangutan 1 Orangutan 2 Orangutan 7 Orangutans 2 Pelicans! Spotted Paca Tiger 2 Tiger 3 Tigers 1 Tigers 4

Tufted Deer Visayan Warty Pig 1

2014: It’s a new NEW Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/holiday season and a very happy start to the new year as well!! 2014 happens to be the Zodiac year of the horse, so I was inspired to create an illustration of a cute chubby horse!

I was really inspired by the famous Looney Tune, " What's Opera Doc?" for the fat horse.

I was really inspired by the famous Looney Tune, ” What’s Opera Doc?” for the fat horse.

I am really excited to tackle a lot of art projects this year, and push my art as much as I can. I have a good feeling about 2014 and I wish the best for everyone this year in reaching the goals they most want to achieve. Hooray for a fresh new start–let’s all work to become the best versions of ourselves we can possibly be.

The Battle Begins

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’ve been hard at work on a brand new portfolio that’s catered completely to visual development and design. My project is going to be an “Art Of” book based on a Japanese folk tale I read recently called ” The Boy Who Drew Cats”. As the title implies, the story involves quite a lot of cats, which means that most of my sketchbook at this point is all cat drawings.

Next time I'll post some scans of my sketchbook just to show how many cats I've been drawing.

Next time I’ll post some scans of my sketchbook just to show how many cats I’ve been drawing.

More or less, the story is about a boy who draws cats and his drawings come to life to protect him from giant Goblin-Rat. (Here’s a link to the story if you’d like to read it:

In addition to working on designs for the characters and environments, I’ve been working on some illustrations just to get a sense of color/texture/etc. that I’ll be using. The following illustration is just a test, though I think it’s more or less going to be the sort of style I’ll be going for. I’m finding that the trickiest thing so far is to settle on an art style as I find my drawing style is changing a lot on a daily basis. Consistency is key so I’m definitely working on that at the moment.

Battle Cat (tentative name) is scoping out the temple, trying to prepare for the Goblin Rat's arrival.

Battle Cat (tentative name) is scoping out the temple, trying to prepare for the Goblin Rat’s arrival.

This past weekend I was working with my gouache set and doing a few color tests for environments, in addition to a lot of character design sketches. I’m having a ton of fun working on designs for the Goblin rat! This is a big process, but I’m really optimistic about it. I’m definitely going to make it a point to include some scans of some of my designs next post.