Chrono Trigger Drawn Windwaker Style

Last Wednesday was the 20th anniversary of the release of Chrono Trigger, a classic RPG game. I have fond memories of this game and I decided to draw Lucca, Marle and Chrono in Legend of Zelda: Windwaker Style ( I love the cute cel-shaded style of Windwaker!) I hope the essence of these great characters comes through each drawing.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 6.48.57 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 1.18.42 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 12.31.27 PM


New Animal Drawings

Here’s a collection of drawings I did at the zoo recently. It was a while since I had been doing animal drawing of any sort before this set, so I’m hoping that with more practice I’ll get out of my rusty phase. I wish I had a scanner to use this time, but I’m glad that at least all the drawings are pretty complete. I’m definitely looking forward to my next animal drawing outing!


Alligator Elephant 2 Elephant 5 Elephants 1 Elephants 5 Elephants 6 Flamingoes 1 Flamingoes 2 Kangaroo Markhor Orangutan 1 Orangutan 2 Orangutan 7 Orangutans 2 Pelicans! Spotted Paca Tiger 2 Tiger 3 Tigers 1 Tigers 4

Tufted Deer Visayan Warty Pig 1

Character Design Class Wrap-Up

Today I finished up my character design class. The final project was to create video game characters for an open-world sort of a game. The game is called “Oasis”.The concept for the game was a desert planet where people are struggling to survive and are thus fighting and resorting to piracy for natural resources like water. There is one source of all resources on the planet–an oasis at the center of the planet that is controlled by power-crazed rulers. Everyone’s out to get a piece of the pie for basic survival, with the hope of gaining quite a few extra riches in the process!

In the group I worked with, we decided to go with a sci-fi world with steam-punk, wrecked tech sort of a look ( Think Tatooine in Star Wars). We were instructed to make a main playable character, an NPC ( non-playable character) and an enemy character.


Protagonist: Lun

Lun is a peppy, mischievious, and energetic young girl who descends from royalty. Her family doesn’t have the same power and wealth that they used to have but they do well for themselves as higher class merchants. While Lun is well off at home, she thirsts for a life of adventure, and with her street smarts, speed and resourcefulness, she finds herself in her element living the pirate lifestyle. Her clothing is based off of traditional Mongolian clothes. I researched a lot of Mongolian hats ( which are beautifully ornate with long strings of beads, ribbons, etc. trailing from them) and I loved their deels (long tunics) and the pointy boots. In southern Mongolia is the Gobi desert, so I thought it all tied together pretty nicely. I made sure to add the sandy wear and tear and dust to her clothing as well.


Non-Playable Character: Namaq

For the assignment we had to create a creature that had no human-like appearance at all, so I was excited to take on this challenge by looking at a range of fascinating desert creatures. One of the lizards I initially looked at was the Gila monster, but I found it difficult to render his appearance clearly. I then turned to look at chameleons since I love their eyes. Namaq is based off of the Namaqua Chameleon, which is native to the western desert regions of Namibia, South Africa and southern Angola. I wanted to make this NPC a very lovable character. He’s a gentle giant and wants to help Lun on her adventures. Giant chameleons like Namaq are largely disliked by the human populace. Namaq tries to conceal his lizardy appearance with a giant poncho and hood to avoid unpleasant encounters with humans. Most people fear them and don’t allow them into their towns. Poor Namaq was once attacked and had his arm cut off by hunters.  Following this horrible event he decided to fashion a gun arm for protection. While he has this built in weapon, he hardly uses it, save for the very trickiest of situations. In addition to cannons, bullets, he has the gun modified to shoot out rocks and celebratory banners after victorious battles ( think Final Fantasy fanfares). He has a bag strapped around him to carry a variety of delicious insects like beetles and crickets for snacks ( he gets hungry quickly). Namaq is a big guy with a heart of gold and Lun knows she can count on him as solid backup in a tricky situation.

Namaq Sand Witch

Antagonist: Sand Witch

The desert planet is a very harsh world to live in. Across the vast expanse of the expansive desert, hundreds of people have been known to get lost or left to die in the wastes. There’s something strange about the desert that changes people. Those who manage to “survive” simply aren’t the same as the intense heat and other mysterious forces drive them mad and feral. Sand Witches are dreaded and feared predatory creatures across the planet. They can see clearly in the dark and have a great deal of speed running through the sand to hunt their prey. Vicious, and relentless, these creatures are definitely on a traveler’s/pirate’s “to avoid” list.Sand-Witch

These are my game characters! I’m going to work to expand on them, perhaps make a few more characters and design some sand-steamer hovercraft ships for the pirates.

To end, here are some inked drawings of the above characters. I learned a lot of great techniques and things to think about through this character design class and I’m looking forward to further utilizing all that I’ve learned.

Some early sketches of Lun:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.08.26 AM Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.24.08 AM

Rough sketches of Namaq:

Screenshot 2014-03-24 02.23.57 Screenshot 2014-03-24 02.24.40 Screenshot 2014-03-24 02.25.02

Some inked drawings of the above characters:

Lun fight pose Namaq Pose Witch Crouch

Making Progress (BWDC Portfolio)

It has been a particularly long time since I’ve made mention of the project, but I’m making great headway on the final versions of characters for my ” The Boy Who Drew Cats” visual development portfolio. Here are some of the most recent renderings of the main character, Joji.

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 3.12.34 AMI will post again with more character page updates. My main goal now is to finish the rough sketches of my finalized character designs so they will be ready for cleanup. The process of designing my characters got a lot easier over time, though now I am most nervous about how my final backgrounds will look.

For a while, I have been changing my mind a lot about the style of the environments. It’s been tricky to nail down an art style while figuring out how to properly convey a sense of depth, light and space in each varying look. I have been trying to rid my dependency on lines in my renderings of environments–which I suppose is quite a tricky thing to do when you’re coming from a comics background. Especially during this past year I have found myself thinking much more thoroughly about design choices and critical elements to include to convey personality in my drawings. I’m hoping that habit has well carried into this year as well. To me, art is like a puzzle, and no matter how challenging it gets, I find that I always love trying to solve the puzzles of what works and doesn’t work. It truly is such a rewarding process.

That’s all for now, I’ll be updating a bit more regularly now that I’ve got a for sure timeline I’d like to stick to. As always, thanks for checking out my stuff!


Costumed Figure Drawing 1: CTN weekend!

CTN is this weekend! I’m delighted to be able to take part in this incredible event this year. I went last year and loved getting to meet so many artists and learn so many new things. Attending CTN last year truly pushed me a lot as an artist and I’m excited for folks who will be going for the first time this weekend. There are a lot of great opportunities to learn new things and meet great artists, so I am eager to share a bit of my experiences after this weekend.

I’ve been working on updating my portfolio a bit recently to prepare for CTN. Today I was working a lot on costumed figure drawing. Below is what I sketched up :

Make Art!

This past weekend I was incredibly lucky to see Richard Williams speak on his career as an artist and animator. He showed and explained a lot of his influences and told stories of how he learned and was pushed to keep developing his skills from Milt Kahl, one of  Disney’s Nine Old Men. It was really invigorating to see how energetic and passionate he was about animation. It’s truly such a wonderful thing to see people who retain their enthusiasm and energy for the things they love throughout their lives and I think it’s something all artists should strive to have; that soulfire to keep creating and to keep exploring who they can be as artists and what they can do with their art. As artists, we’re never really done learning and we’re never done improving but that’s a good thing as It’s altogether wonderful and relieving to know that the only limit is your own self. When you love something so much, and you truly believe in yourself, what can stop you?

I was so inspired by Mr. Williams’ encouraging words and wishes of good luck that I created this image that sort of champions that energetic creative spirit I so admire in an artist. The style is influenced from traditional Mexican Papel Picado art, which often features Dia De Los Muerto sorts of characters. The words “Hacer Arte” means “Make Art”. Next post will feature some more Harry Potter Illustrations.Remember folks, when there’s joy in your heart, there’s joy in your art!^( Perhaps this sentiment is cheesily expressed, but there’s some truth to it.)

Monsters Ink!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been on a hiatus since a lot of unexpected but good changes developed one after the other in May. Some of these changes involved getting a job and a gradual move to LA. It’s been fun, but busy as well, but I’m back with a lot of new artwork ready to be posted.

To start off with, this past weekend I went to go see Monsters University and I loved it! It was a lot of fun, some great character development and it was just really great to revisit the Monster world again. I’ve always loved how vibrant and colorful Pixar made the monster world ( I’ve been itching to get my hands on a copy of the art of Monsters Inc. for a while now. From what I’ve seen the concept art for Monsters University is incredibly gorgeous as well.)

I really liked the idea of the scare cards at the end of the movie, so I decided to imagine myself as a monster with my own scare card ID. If I lived in the monster world, I’d work for Monsters, Ink. a division under the main company that specializes in designing art and logos for the Monsters, Inc. company.

Behold, my scare card:

My monster self is a many armed cat-like creature. With more arms I can multi-task with ease, caffeinating myself for maximum artwork output and for maximum Pocky consumption.