Some Assembly Required

I took a break from working on my vis-dev portfolio to create some artwork for this year’s souvenir book for San Diego Comic-Con! Every year they have a souvenir book filled with all sorts of information about artists, authors, animators and cartoonists and the book is chock full of incredible artwork by artists from so many different places and across many different age groups.  My sister attended SDCC last year and gave me her souvenir book. It’s definitely a dream of mine to go to SDCC one day myself. Since I can’t go this year, I was incredibly excited about the opportunity to create art for the souvenir book, something that all attendees of SDCC receive. This year they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marvel superheroes ( also Superman and Doctor Who).  For my submission, I decided to make an illustration based off of the Marvel superheroes, specifically The Avengers. Here are some character sketches followed by the final product:

Some rough sketches to figure out the style I wanted to go for^

The rough layout:

Assembling into position took some time.

Assembling into position took some time.

The final product! Really happy with how it came out:

It's go time!

It’s go time!

Hopefully my art has a chance at being in the SDCC book! We’ll see… and even if it doesn’t get in, that won’t change the fact that I had such a blast working on this piece! I really loved coloring this one. That’s all for now, as always, more is on the way!